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When families learn that their child has been diagnosed with MPS, a rare, progressive and incurable disease that may potentially take their child’s life, it places on them a heavy emotional, physical and financial burden that few can relate to or understand. Most newly diagnosed families have never even heard of the disease and struggle to find adequate information or resources to guide them through the process of seeking treatment. Despite their astounding strength, resilience and optimism, many families struggle to readjust their lives to the overwhelming new reality presented by this disease. 

Whether you can donate $5 or $5,000, we value and appreciate your support! Here’s how your donations can make a difference to the lives of families affected by MPS. 

  • MPS can cause challenging behaviours such as ADHD in children and the pandemic has amplified the challenges families face in their daily lives. $150 could help fund a small but important backyard renovation to create a safe and fun environment for outdoor physical activity and energy outlets for an MPS child.
  • $250 could help fund home-schooling, giving an MPS child tailored lesson plans to help build confidence while learning coping skills for their unique challenges
  • MPS children often require constant supervision. $300 would help a family hire a support person to accompany their MPS child at summer camps or family conferences where they making invaluable personal connections
  • $350 could fund a child’s speech therapy needs for a month
  • $400 could fund a child’s physical therapy requirements after one of many surgeries to help speed up the recovery process.
  • $500 would support a family’s travel costs when accompanying their child for surgery or clinical trials
  • $700 would help fund adaptations to the family home to accommodate specific mobility challenges, allowing the child to be safer and more independent in their own home
  • $1000 would fund medical equipment for at-home treatment, such as wheelchairs, respiratory machines, oxygen level measurement tools.
  • $1500 would help fund bereavement counselling and funeral costs relieving a family’s financial burden in time of grief.

Thank you for supporting the Canadian MPS Society and the families we serve.


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